The suspension of the trailer is designed as an ultra light structure,
while maintaining the strength parameters. The frame is made of heavy duty steel and the entire chassis has double corrosion protection, made by hot-dip galvanizing and high class polyurethane paint. The design is based on two independent rockers, each supported on two spring assemblies with MAN dampers. The suspension sleeves are made of elastomers selected specifically for this design.
A replaceable hubs system

is used, which enables

matching the wheels
of the trailer to any off-road

vehicle offered in the market

and the drawbar of the chassis

has a coupler with adjustable

height, which makes it

possible to connect the trailer

to a vehicle of any height.

In the trailer, we use ball

and eyehook connectors,

as well as our proprietary

flexible new generation

connector. In the back part, the frame has an opening for

connecting additional accessories, as well as emergency towing of another trailer. The versatile design of the frame provides a wide range of possibilities with regard to the types of the body of the trailer: from luggage and transport trailers (boats or
motorcycles) to expedition trailers, while offering the highest level of travel comfort.